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Unique greeting cards with just the right amount of sweet and sass.


100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste

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Printed on 100% recycled post-consumer waste

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Paired with a 100% recycled brown bag kraft envelope

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Sharing the love with your homies and the environment at the same time!




The Mind's Isle Coloring Book

Entertain your imaginative side with 25 whimsical coloring pages.

From teacups to dragons, miniature succulents to a well-dressed flamingo, let your creative side run riot with these beautiful images, designed to be filled with color!


The Perfectly Different Frog

Want to bolster your child's confidence?

Help teach self-acceptance and confidence in this fabulous, fable-like tale of self discovery and wonder.

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Where can you find us? We thought you'd never ask!


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Nice To Meet You!

Kelley Hefflinger, the owner and artist of Meraki Studios, is a mother, maker, and adventurer living on Whidbey Island. Her relationships and life experiences inspire her designs. While pursuing her degree in Art she was introduced to linoleum block printing and she fell in love with the medium. She combines her love for art and sense of humor to make a unique line of greeting cards that she hopes will make you as happy as it makes her. 

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Click here to read an interview by The Roxy Art Market.

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Kelley Hefflinger


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